The Flash: more powerful than he seems?

        According to many comics I have read, the Flash possesses “super speed.” He can run fast, but if if he also has the ability to move fast, that technically shouldn’t limit him to just being abled to sprint super fast.  If he can be abnormally fast in general, he can move his fists fast as well, which would give Flash a sort of super strength. When something moves quickly (the Flash’s fist), it builds up force, so it can overcome the amount of force presented by the opposing subject (the person being punched by Flash). Flash can build up speed very, very fast. Catch my drift? 

      Now, say Flash created gloves that can catch flame and not harm the wearer (it’s DC comics; he can do it). The Flash can create lots of speed, and therefore lots of friction. Friction can create fire after a while, and with the Flashes new, special, totally realistic gloves, he can create fires, and use his gloves to light stuff on fire. Why? Who cares!

      Let’s talk about force against other objects again. If the Flash were to project himself forward slightly (like a centimeter or so), he would still move super fast, several times faster than a normal person moving forward, and a normal person moves one centimeter very quickly, so imagine how fast Flash moves forward one centimeter. I assume it would be fast enough to resist a persons punch slightly, or completely.

      The Flash also has other known abilities throughout the comics. He can vibrate through objects, and at one point, in a comic strip, travelled through time.

      Based on all of this, I think that it’s safe to assume that the Flash is actually pretty powerful. 

Robin Sherbotsky: Tv’s most annoying character?

Most people have heard of “How I Met Your Mother,” A show about a man looking for the love of his life. For about 7 or 8 seasons, fans watched as Ted (the protagonist) got closer and closer to the love of his life. The love of his life who was then killed off, and Ted went after Robin. I was really rooting for Ten to get together with with his perfect match. When she suddenly dies, and Ted gets together with Robin, it seems like the writers just gave up. Not only that, but getting Ted and Robin together defeats the entire show’s purpose, and it’s plot as well. The hours I spent following this show were all lost, and pointlessly spent.
Now, who is Robin? Well, for one, she is a Canadian, and a major stereotype as well. She has strange behavior issues, and is a social mess.
Robin has dated many different people throughout the span of the show. From a South American surfer dude to an idiotic cook, it becomes clear how Robin dates: terribly. Not only does she date people she doesn’t like, she can’t even manage to hold on to them. After she slept with Barney, they both decided to confess to the people they were dating about it. Barney did the right thing and told his girlfriend. Then, after he did his part, Robin opted out, and stayed with her boyfriend, leaving Barney all alone. This decision of Robin’s makes no sense since she was totally in love with Barney! In fact, she almost set up a situation where Barney would be dumped by his girlfriend in an embarrassing way! What the absolute fuck Robin?!

Batman sucks

Yep. Batman is awful. Why? Well, for one, the only real thing he has going are his martial arts skills, and his money, if you count that. Green Arrow is a master Archer. Doctor Mid-nite is a genius. Sure, Batman has many interesting skills, like knowing a variety of complex languages, but how does this really aid him as a crime fighter? And then there’s Robin… Sigh. Why “Robin”, even? What correlation between robins and bats are there?? Not only that, but he’s even more un-spectacular than Batman; his fighting skills aren’t as good as Batman’s, he’s not as smart, and his outfit is un-protective and loud, which would draw attention to him. Let’s also think of Batman’s mental state: the man’s an absolute wreck. I mean, watching your parents die is obviously traumatic, and I’m sure many kids have seen their parents die. Then again, these kids don’t respond to this trauma with becoming a violent masked man who runs around in a cape and spandex. A mask, spandex, cape and name all modeled after an animal (which seems kind of weird. “Bat-man?” Think about that. A man who is dressed up as a bat. Uuuuum— weird). 


And focusing on Marvel and DC at the expense of the dozens of other publishers in comics, and then declaring comics a failure at San Diego Comic-Con, is incredibly myopic. It’s a mistake to think that Marvel and DC are all that mattered, that their new events or announcements dictate the future of capital-c Comics. Marvel and DC are comics, just like the other publishers, and they make some great ones when they let the creators do their own thing. But at this point? You can’t treat them like the entirety of the comics industry, or even two companies that can dictate the future of comics. They run the movies, and that’s cool, but running comics? It’s just not true any more. Image in particular outsells Marvel in the book market as far as trade paperbacks go, and that holds true in the comics market lately, too. That’s no coincidence. People enjoy Marvel and DC, but they want more than Marvel and DC.

If the announcements from the Big Two felt lackluster, but the fans still had a great time, how did comics fail? That sounds like a Marvel & DC problem. Vertical debuted Moyoco Anno’s brand new book In Clothes Called Fat at the show, a comic geared toward adult women. They sold out of Fumi Yoshinaga’s What Did You Eat Yesterday?, a romance/cooking comic. At Image, we sold out of Greg Tocchini & Rick Remender’s Low, an aquatic sci-fi tale, and Nick Dragotta & team’s Howtoons, a comic geared toward getting kids interested in the science through practical play. Boom! burned through Lumberjanes, a comic about girls at camp. These aren’t your normal comics, and people were eating them up.

After two bad “Comic-Con was bad for comics!”/”Comic-Con was good for comics!” pieces, io9 lets iamdavidbrothers do his thing, and the result is—surprise surprise—a great piece that’s head and shoulders above the traditional (print) comic coverage on the site*.

(* I specify print because Lauren does really good webcomics stuff over there, because Lauren is great.)

my favorite bands.

I don’t know why, but I love creating lists. My favorite list is my favorite bands

1. Tv on the Radio

2.LCD Soundsystem

3.Vampire Weekend

4.Arcade Fire

5.the Black Keys

6.the Strokes

7. the Shins

8. Modest Mouse

9. Radiohead

10. the White Stripes

Post some of your favorite bands.

What is the meaning of life?

I always find it odd when people talk about “the meaning of life.” Life doesn’t have a meaning, not for humans, anyway. The meaning of life for many animals is to survive and reproduce. That used to be the human agenda, but we’ve advanced medically, and have found ways to keep ourselves safe to the point where surviving predators isn’t priority number 1. From the point where our life spans grew longer, and we worried for about appearance than not dying and being eaten, we created our own meanings. If someone grew up wanting to be an artist, that’s their goal. That is the thing that would make them beyond happy. And because of that, becoming an artist is their meaning. The same goes with a person who wants to help poor people, and so they create an organization that helps the poor, and dedicate all of their time to that. That is their meaning. To help people. 

So basically, I think that the meaning of life refers to what makes a person happy for the rest of their life.